Chris & Jonny’s Filmhouse Watch List 27/11/2020

Chris & Jonny’s Filmhouse Watch List 27/11/2020

Whilst the world is on pause and your Filmhouse Sunderland visits aren’t possible, we’re keeping the independent cinema flag flying with our new weekly watch lists from Chris & Jonny, the people behind the project. 

Each Friday, we’ll post a list of four films that are currently available across BBC iPlayer, All4, Netflix and Amazon Prime that we think you should seek out. 

This week’s selection is…

Perfect 10 (15) (2020) (BBC iPlayer)

This astonishing new UK drama heralds the arrival of major new talent.  Frankie Box stars as Leigh, a fifteen-year-old gymnast who lives a lonely life with her mostly absent dad.  Missing the love of her family, Leigh’s hope for a stronger family connection takes a turn for the better when her half-brother Joe comes into her life, but Joe has some dangerous connections… The directorial debut of filmmaker Eva Riley, Perfect 10 is fresh, bittersweet storytelling and packs a real emotional punch. Do not miss!

Call Me By Your Name (15) (2017) (All 4)

Luca Guadagnino’s sensual ode to young love is the story of headstrong 17-year-old Elio (Timothée Chalamet) spending the summer at his family’s Italian villa. Oliver (Armie Hammer) is a handsome doctoral student who’s working as an intern for Elio’s father, and amid the sun-drenched beauty of their surroundings the pair gradually fall for one another. Packed with atmosphere, two incredible performances and a screenplay that captures the agony and ecstasy of brand-new passion, Call Me By Your Name is a romantic delight.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) (2000) (Netflix)

The Coen Brothers’ terrific bluegrass odyssey is a wonderfully fun and frothy screwball comedy/musical. George Clooney stars alongside John Turturro and Tim Blake Nelson as Everitt, who escapes from prison with his fellow prisoners Delmar and Pete. On a quest for the treasure that put Everitt on the chain gang they bust out of, the trio head out on a road trip that brings them riches of another sort.  Good natured, charming, and impossible to dislike, this is the Coen Brothers at their comedic peak.

You Were Never Really Here (15) (2018) (Amazon Prime)
Lynne Ramsay’s uncompromising and violent tale of retribution and anger is driven by a blistering lead performance from Joaquin Phoenix as Joe, a contract killer who gets sucked into a dark conspiracy whilst trying to save a kidnapped teen from a life of prostitution. Echoes of films like Taxi Driver, Drive and others abound, but this stylish film is entirely of Ramsay’s own raw vision. And if you ever had any doubts about Phoenix’s talent then this should convince you…

We’d love to hear what you think of the films we recommend – let us know!

See you next week,

Chris & Jonny

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